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The core programme investment areas of the organization are:

1. Transitional Justice, Human Rights and Rule of Law

Strengthening democratic structures, the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms are at the core of this investment area programme. Sufficient progress towards the principles and values of democracy, the rule of law, and respect for human rights is an important precondition for guaranteeing sustainable development, security and peace.
The goal of this programme is:
Strengthening the rule of law and enhanced respect for human rights and peace.
Current Projects
Monitoring implementation of the constitution.

2. Gender Justice and Equality

ICPC’s gender programme serves as a platform for advancement of a non discrimination policy that addresses structural obstacles that hinder equality, fair representation and accessibility of opportunities for both men and women with a key focus on issues that touch on violations that occur to both men and women.
The goal of this programme is:
Advocate and monitor the implementation and incorporation of gender equality and women’s human rights into national and regional development processes.
Current projects
Gender framework report.

3. Human Security, Sustainable Development and Conflict Prevention

As a transitional justice, human security and human rights actor, ICPC will advocate for greater focus on human security and its linkage and significance to sustainable development and conflict prevention which is concerned with the security of individuals as opposed to traditional security, which focuses on defending borders from external threats and whose general emphasis is on the military. Engagements on human security and human rights is a critical entry point in addressing  “freedom from fear”,  “freedom from want” and human dignity.
The goal of this programme is;
• To create awareness and facilitate policy dialogue on the adoption of human security approach and to develop and implement research-based long-term solutions that are integrated and address both the causes and effects of conflict.

4. Communication and public affairs

ICPC invests in effective communication research as a way of nurturing and sustaining just peace, human development, human rights, and democratic security and empowerment objectives. This is based on the fact that independent media systems, free flow of information, and free debate and discussions are permanent institutional mechanisms for securing good governance, democracy, and accountability.

5. Institutional Development

The overall goal of this programme is to create the institutional long term sustainability through establishing organization endowment funds, establishing and upgrading its management tools and equipments, strengthening the board and staff capacities to conform to the emerging societal problems and demands.


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