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    Friday, 01 August 2014 08:57
  • Stop Impunity

    Stop Impunity

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    Areas of Focus Montage

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    Internally Displaced Persons

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  • Building a culture of accountability

    Building a culture of accountability

    Monday, 04 August 2014 08:27

International Center for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) warns that the political hatred, bigotry and polarization being stirred and witnessed in Kenya today pose the single most problematic and dangerous threat to consolidation of democracy, peace and security of the country. We believe it is deliberately being fuelled to achieve unstated objects. However, it looks like a well calculated attempt to precipitate a political crisis to give reason to call for International Criminal Court deferral and to an extent manipulates succession politics.

We are urging President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister to respect the National Accord they signed on February 2008 and steer the country away from the glaring political hatred, ethnic polarization and unbridled arrogance.  You cannot take the country back to pre-2007 and before new constitutional order. Things are different and those formenting problems must stop.

The current unnecessary and insane political rhetoric reminiscent to pre-2007 general elections is likely to create a kind of gridlock to national progression to national and community cohesion. We are notifying that political hatred stifles dialogue and fuels violence.  Today’s voices of political hatred in Kenya are acquiring a venomous fervor.

It is unfortunate that political bigotry as a form of hatred continues to be indulged and celebrated in Kenya’s political culture by far too many citizens, media pontificators, and political leaders. From a conflict perspective it only drives hate into new and more sophisticated avenues of expression.

This is not the time in Kenya to grandstand, to waste time, to vacillate, to play infantile political games. The present national and regional economic and social challenges confronting the country bringing to bear untold hardship require an urgent collective approach.

This ugliness, nastiness, and vulgar diatribe associated with these tribal political campaigns, have become too adversarial, vitriolic, divisive, and demeaning. They have re-introduced the violence of language. They have become yet another ugliest, meanest and most shameless period in Kenya’s political history.

Finally, it is our observation that political and election campaigns in Kenya have become lucrative business and if they are allowed to continue unmitigated very soon arms and weapons supplies will be allocated for.

This divisiveness, political hatred, and adversarial atmosphere may be great for those select few; it is the best of times for them. It is their harvest, they encourage it, and they look forward for it. But it is the worst of times for the people of Kenya in this time of unprecedented challenges.

The unseen manipulators and those benefactor politicians in government and Parliament of Kenya seem to enjoy nurturing and fuelling this political outrage and anachronism. This is too urgent and serious a time in the life of the people of Kenya to allow this to continue. We urge for immediate halt of political gangsterism and revert to politics of reason and responsibility.

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