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Nancy Baraza Tribunal Verdict: Defines and set new expectations for National Leadership


August 6, 2012......International Center for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) welcomes the decision of the Judicial Tribunal Inquiring into the conduct of suspended Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza. ICPC notes that this is yet another critical milestone in transforming public state institutions and buttressing the integrity values enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

ICPC Executive Director Ndung’u Wainaina says, “It is a reaffirmation that the various transitional justice mechanisms and processes currently underway in Kenya to cleanse the public institutions of the old order practices are having significant impact.”

The vetting and lustration of judges has already delivered a strong verdict on high degree of integrity expected of the judges and magistrates.

Wainaina says that with the tribunal having recommended the removal from office of Nancy Baraza, the message is increasingly becoming louder and clearer to all public office holders and national political leaders that Kenya has embarked on major institutional and systematic reforms which are unstoppable.

“All public office holders and leaders are expected to adhere to a complete new set of integrity and ethical expectations while in public and/or private life,” he noted.

Further, these reforms are sending a warning that honesty, transparency and accountability for words and actions are demands and specific expectations in the new era in Kenya.

“Impunity in Kenya for public office holders is unsustainable. It is suffering slowly but steadily a mortal blow. However, the country must sustain the momentum and expand the horizon.”

He asserted that the tribunal’s verdict on Baraza’s misconduct should serve as a warning and a lesson to political establishment and players including Members of Parliament and senior civil servants noting that the combination of the processes and robust citizenry activism all operating simultaneously are creating a consistent synchronized message of game changing.

Wainaina warned political leaders to change their conduct and motives or risk being publicly challenged adding that resistance to integrity reforms is impossible and those resisting will find it difficult and costly.


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