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  • Stop Impunity

    Stop Impunity

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    Areas of Focus Montage

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    Internally Displaced Persons

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  • Building a culture of accountability

    Building a culture of accountability

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Nairobi 19th June 2012…..International Center for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) is calling upon the Members of Parliament not to pass the proposed retrogressive amendments to the Elections Act 2011 contained in the Miscellaneous Bill 2012 to reward political failure.

Members of Parliament must also reject recommendations to amend Political Parties Act 2012 to entertain party hopping.  Such self-serving scandalous amendments will further dent the image and reputation of the Tenth Parliament. Hon. Chris Okemo and Hon. Lenny Kivuti the movers of these amendments respectively are proving to be disgraceful and dishonest to this country and its people.

If Parliamentarians pass these unacceptable amendments, we will proceed to court and challenge them. No incumbent Member of Parliament can benefit from such amendments as it is in direct conflict with constitutional principles, public interest and condones conflict of interest.

This desperate amendment initially fronted by Honorable Mungatana is a direct affront to quality of democracy and, concomitantly, the stability and performance of the political system suffers. If allowed to pass, the apathy, mistrust and frustration among citizens will spread endangering the gains of a painful democratization process. It is clear that this is a serious danger to a democratic system. It defeats the essence of democracy and its practice.

We take note that these proponents are people who despite being political failures, are eyeing to run as presidential candidates or running mates while at the same time wanting to contest the senatorship and/or governorship.

These reprehensible amendments are a further manifestation of the decay of political organization in Kenya and the increasing dominance of disruptive political forces to the constitutional order. The proponents and supporters of them are people with no political future desperately trying to salvage their political career at the expense of the country’s interests.

Such amendments will definitely occasion a by-election which will prove so costly and wasteful to the taxpayers’ money and should hence be avoided.

Signed By:

Ndung’u Wainaina

Executive Director

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