Kenya’s top priority reform Agenda up to September 2011

1. Observance, respecting, enforcing and implementing the new Constitutional order.

2. Reconstituting a lean, clean and efficient Coalition Government;

3. Bold leadership in tackling impunity, corruption and drug trade;

4. Vigorously rolling wheels of justice against masterminds of Post-election violence (ICC and credible special tribunal concurrence);

5. Radical transformation of the judiciary and criminal justice system;

6. Major alternation and makeover of the security sector;

7. Radical reformation of electoral system and processes and consolidating laws governing elections;

8. A well-thought out, designed and constitutionally established devolution governance system (not the local government mentality) backed with revenue/wealth equality mechanism

9. Establish genuine, credible and genuine national and community healing and reconciliation mechanism;

10. Transforming civil service into competence, neutral, professional and reform-oriented outfit;

11. Resolving the Internally Displaced Persons including their resettlement, rights and restitution. Also related are the land reforms.