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  • Stop Impunity

    Stop Impunity

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    Areas of Focus Montage

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    Internally Displaced Persons

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  • Building a culture of accountability

    Building a culture of accountability

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April 2011/…..The Kenya’s Members of Parliament are blackmailing the people of Kenya and government. The wants to arm-twist government in horse-trading exercise with intention of achieving their heinous, callous and untenable selfishness scheme at the expense of the national agenda; the International Center for Policy and Conflict has said today

This involves MPs making it conditional that passage of government Bills is determinate on government reciprocating by reviewing their salaries. This is outrageous and criminal. These are not government Bills but laws that are supposed to ensure that people of Kenya access the necessary services.

Threatening sovereignty of people and that of their government in this way borders on the unconstitutional; we are a democracy, not an autocracy. There is no way people can be muzzled in the way the MPs are demanding.

ICPC would like to observe that natural justice demand that increment on the salaries of the MPs or any other public officer must be done by a permanent independent body. Further such an increment must reflect and be in tandem with inflationary trends, standardized salary scales for the all public officials devoid of glaring gaps, economic growth and overall GDP and unemployment rates. It is very dangerous to continue entrenching such inhumane inequalities in Kenya.

The President and the Prime Minister must not fail to address national issues to push the interests or give priority to the demands of cruel MPs. It will be and scandalous and detrimental for the President and Prime Minister to yield to the pressure of MPs.

The President declined to sign into law the Cabinet size-fixing Bill after it was passed by Parliament saying that awaits the outcome the Constitutional referendum.  Parliamentarians must wait for the new constitution.

We have 56% of Kenyan population below poverty line with  more than two millions Kenyans condemned to this level last year a lone, unemployment rate of 40% with a projection of 14 million Kenyans without jobs in the next 6 years and a whopping almost 80% of the entire budget accounting for recurrent budget. This situation has not improved but rather worsened.

Reviewing pay structures of MPs at the expense of addressing this security concern in addition to the skyrocketing unemployment rate in the country will have a catastrophic effect.

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