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International Center for Policy and Conflict established 2005 is Nairobi based regional but globally recognized point of contact and information, not for profit, transitional justice in context of human rights and human security research, education and advocacy Institute.

The Institute goal is to advance the cause of building free secure rule of law society enjoying benefits of inclusive development in democratic systems through generating solution-oriented policy ideas, direct engagement and collaboration on human rights and democracy commitments, rule of law protections in the search for domestic and global human security policy, and just social economic prosperity opportunities sharing by all.

The Center has developed distinct approaches to work in each thematic area, building bridges between evidence based research and activism, developing capacity and expertise, engaging multi-stakeholders and modeling new strategies for impact, results and effectiveness.

Our tools are multidisciplinary, integrated and vary according to circumstances emphasizing on long-term problem solving solutions. We are counting on strengthening our vision and activities, consolidating strategic alliances, improving competence and expertise, creating open source information platform and using result-based management to optimize our contribution to the development of achievement of rule of law free secure prosperous society.

The Board of Directors provides overall direction of the Center. The Center has the executive leadership, occasional fellows, and administrative personnel in the organization’s thematic programs and departments.

We greatly value collaborations and support to our work to realize secure humanity, human dignity and freedoms.


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The Center is an affiliate of Africa Open Democracy Foundation (AODF) and partner of Africa Rights and Democracy Institute (ARDI). Our three over-arching strategic goals are; Larger Human Rights and Freedoms, Democratic development and Human Security.

The organization’s strategic focus and concentration is to; a) Promote, contribute and strengthen respect for human rights and consolidating democratic governance, b) Research, engage and advocate public policy solutions for development of more equal democratic, inclusive and secure societies, c) Mechanisms for access to justice and security, d) Education and information sharing and e) A secure, accountable, visible and resourced institute.

The Center comprises of the five (5) members of the board, Management Committee and a full-time programmatic and administrative paid staffs. In addition, it utilizes a network of Associates and Consulting Experts and works in concert with other local, regional, and international organizations. It also offers internship and fellowships. The Board members are responsible for the strategic policy direction of the Center. The management committee guarantees a sound internal management structure and policies that contribute to the optimal functioning of the organization. The Executive Director is the head of the secretariat, responsible for its management and implementation of policy directions, coordination of programmes and ensuring accountability in utilization of its resources

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